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Quality Policy

Our daily commitment is and will be based on the promotion of Quality and Health and Safety in the workplace, the intensive and effective collaboration between company workers and departments; the continuous improvement of the products, services, and activities that make up all company processes through the identification, monitoring, and regular review of relevant external and internal factors, needs, risks, and opportunities, as well as the related management to provide support to the team and protect valuable corporate assets.

The Quality Policy comes along with the company code of ethics.

Daily Processes

In order to provide a daily upgrade of all the processes we:

  • Provide quality management, coordination, production, processing, manufacture, and shipment services throughout the EU. The Company has developed its expertise since its establishment, and its aim is to achieve a high standard of construction and service for its customers. We continuously improve compliance with the client’s requirements and all applicable requirements. The promotion of involvement, a greater sense of community, and a good level of information and staff training are key elements for authentic customer attention, which also develops through the gradual and constant competitiveness of CFT Ukraine.
  • Build our activities in compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations by systematically applying and improving the Quality Management System and company processes.


Performance Improvement

For the definition of company performance improvement objectives, we adhere to the following criteria:

  • Continuous monitoring of company activities, quality control provided during all the production process, with particular attention to the conformity of product requirements, considering the needs and expectations of a customer;
  • Promotion of involvement, awareness, and info-training on customers’ needs and demands, product conformity, improvement of the management system of all processes, as well as the management criteria of Health and Safety;
  • Creating and maintaining relations in the team based on transparency and collaboration between the management and the workers, between the Company and a client, the Company and suppliers, the Company and society, and the Company and institutions.
  • Continuous improvement of the product and service and strict following of the Quality Policy in order to satisfy customers’ demands.

Parameters Measure

In order to achieve the set objectives, the following parameters are measured in the system review phases:

  • The progress of weekly orders and monthly balances is examined;
  • Evaluation of the orders of the main customers on a monthly basis;
  • Statistics of the Orders / Turnover ratio;
  • Customer complaint statistics and refinement of «customer satisfaction» parameters;
  • Non-conformity statistics for products and processes;
  • Specific indicators of the corporate processes;
  • Statistics of Internal Audit results;
  • Sharing (team building) moments with the entire staff.

Management System

The numerous objectives are established on the Improvement Plan (which also includes the outputs of the context analysis) issued in the Management System Review phases, which contain the measurement criteria, the necessary resources, and the planning of the development times and are disclosed to all persons involved.

The Company organizes annual courses and trainings for maintenance operators to constantly upgrade the level of quality control in production. Also, once a year, quality managers undergo training and courses to guarantee the appropriate education, qualification, and competence of our specialists for equipment maintenance.

If the production of an order contains more than two metalworking operations, the production process is controlled on a daily basis with a control sheet (attached to this document). We can also provide this control on customer’s demand.
All the equipment produced by CFT Ukraine is being labeled according to the company’s standards. Customized labeling is available on demand.